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Department of Communication

Department of Communication


  1. Junior (60+ hours) or Senior (90+ hours) in the Communication Department
  2. Minimum 2.5 GPA in the Communication Department
  3. It is highly recommended that you complete your junior year before you sign up for an internship.

  1. Advisor Discussion: prior to the meeting with your advisor, you should thoroughly review the internship packet to understand the expectations of the internship. The internship packet can be found here:
  2. Advisor Approval: you should select the internship that is best for career interests. The faculty advisor can provide guidance as well. Your internship eligibility needs to be confirmed by your advisor.

  1. Contact Dr. Gibson to request enrollment in either COMM 3698 or COMM 4698
    1. You should email to notify Dr. Gibson at detailing the internship and also request to be enrolled in the internship course.
  2. Dr. Gibson will confirm the internship provider is willing/able to offer the internship
    1. Once the internship is confirmed, you will work with their internship provider in completing only the *LAST 2 pages of the internship packet.
    2. After the last 2 pages have been completed and signed by you, you will email these pages to Dr. Gibson for her to review. If no revisions are needed, she will sign off and scan a copy to you.

  1. Internships are graded on a Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory basis (these ratings do not impact GPA but are counted as 3 credit hours).
  2. Generally, internships for Spring and Fall begin the first week and end the last week of the semester, totaling 15 weeks at 10 hours a week. Summer internships can start in May or June but have to total 150 hours to receive credit.
  3. You will be responsible for submitting blogs/vlogs: an instructional power point on submitting blogs/vlogs will be emailed to you participating in the internship prior to the beginning of the semester.


For questions or concerns, please email or .