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Department of Communication

Department of Communication

Social Media Certificate

Required Courses

  1. Social Media Marketing – This current course (MKTG 3138) focuses on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. Topics include viral marketing, twitter, social networking, measurement for social media success, and strategic integration of social media into the marketing plan.
  2. *Writing for Social Media – This is a new course currently under development by the Communication Department which would focus on developing content strategies for the social media platforms. This is a critical skill set that would significantly expand upon the topics covered in MKTG 3138.
  3. *Social Media Analytics - This new course will be offered in the Turner College of Business providing a deeper understanding of ROI & the analytical tools offered by social media platforms than is covered in MKTG 3138. This skill area is becoming ever more critical to practitioners of social media. Pre-req: MKTG 3138.
  4. Public Relations Campaigns - A currently offered course in the Department of Communication (COMM 4142) centered around a service-learning project for non-profits. The course already includes the use of social media in this setting. The social media aspects of the course will receive increased emphasis and these skills would fit well with social media marketing campaigns. Pre-req: either Introduction to Public Relations (COMM 3141) or Principles of Marketing (MKTG 3115).
* new course
Students must obtain a "C" or better in all required courses.

Elective Courses

The certificate will allow great flexibility in the selection of the fifth (elective) course so that students can customize the certificate to their area of interest. In addition to the courses listed below, students are allowed to make a proposal for any relevant course that fits their particular interest.

Electives from Turner College of Business

BUSA 3175 Introduction to Entrepreneurship, MGMT 3185 Leadership, MISM 3155 Web Design and Development, MISM 3118 Global e-Business, MKTG 3135 Consumer Behavior, MKTG 3136 Advertising and Promotional Strategy, or MKTG 4125 Brand Management.

Electives from Department of Communication

Public Relations Management COMM 4141, Interactive Media Production COMM 3235, Special Topics: Strategic Writing for the Media COMM 4555 (Note: once approved by the curriculum committee, this course probably will become COMM 3243), Modern Media and Culture COMM 3125, or Integrated Web Design COMM 4259